Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we pick the DJ that we want?
  2. Can we select our own songs for our party?
  3. Are there any "extra" last minute charges that we aren't expecting?
  4. Can we see you "in action" at another event before our own?
  5. What is your selection of music that you will play?
  6. Why should we pick you over another DJ?
  7. Do you have a video that we can view?


Can we pick the DJ that we want?

Yes...sort of.  Dan "The Music Man" is the DJ you reserve when you book me, and I only book one function per day so when you reserve me, you know what you are getting.



Can we select our own songs for our party?

Yes, of course!  We ask for your favorite songs before your event as well as your favorite artists, genres and decades.  We suggest that you limit your requests to no more than 10-15 per event. However, we do ask that you respect the musical opinions of your local professionals. They do this for a living. Be careful not to cut out all the "cliché" music as you'll find this will negatively impact the dance floor potential. People dance to what they know. A party or wedding reception is not the time and place to prove to your friends and family that you're into obscure music. You've got a lot of people from all over your family tree that want to have a good time, so let your DJ exercise all his/her tools and really work his/her craft.



Are there any "extra" last minute charges that we aren't expecting?

Absolutely not!  We disclose all the fees upfront and leave nothing to the "very end" of your event.  The only additional charges that may apply are overtime fees if you decide, during your event, to extend the end time beyond the end time stated in your Entertainment Agreement.



Can we see you "in action" at another event before our own?

If you want to see us in action before or after we meet with you in person, we will give you a few dates on where we will be playing. We will ask the clients that we are playing for at that function for their approval.  However, we do not invite clients to see us live at wedding receptions, as we would not allow anyone to come to your wedding.



What is your selection of music that you will play?

Our music selection covers all genres of music from the Big Band era of the 1940s through the Top 40 hits of today.  We do, however, also take requests from your guests and we will play what you want to hear.



Why should we pick you over another DJ?

At Dan "The Music Man", we believe that you are the center of attention, not us!  The entertainment is there to set the mood and make sure that you and your guests have the time of their lives.  We take the "personal" approach as part of our mission to serve you.  Since we only book one function per day, and Dan is the DJ you get, there are no surprises and you know what you are getting right up front!  We don't sub-contract our work out, we don't hire other DJs in our place and we meet with you personally so we can gather as much information about you, your guests and the event you are planning.  This allows us to prepare to the fullest extent for your event.  We are always professionally attired (tuxedo unless you indicate otherwise) and always arrive at least 1.5 hours before the scheduled start time to properly set up.



Do you have a video that we can view?

A few years ago, when wedding videos of DJs were first popular, we made a conscious decision not to create a "stock" video of our performances as so many others have.  We do this for several reasons.
  • Some videos can be staged or rehearsed and place more emphasis on the DJ's "show" instead of the reception itself.  That's just not our style.

  • Some videos use clips from amateur videographers - hand-held, dark and grainy.  Not professional at all.

  • The cost of professional video production adds to every client's cost.  Legal performance releases from guests in the video can be time-consuming.

  • Styles, music and dances become "old" quickly and a video can become outdated in a few months - necessitating frequent video re-shoots that, once again, add to the client's cost.

  • Finally, each function we perform is different and unique!  We work with each bride & groom in advance to create an atmosphere that truly defines the couple's vision of their wedding day.

Some examples of the above are:

  • One couple wanted a nightclub atmosphere for their international guests. 

  • Another couple, under a large tent next to the Atlantic Ocean, wanted our light show, large speaker system and club music to put guests from Europe & Morocco in the "Dancing Mood." 

  • Another couple wanted their reception to be a luau with pig roast, Jimmy Buffet / Island tunes and guests/DJs in Hawaiian shirts; totally informal with good-time music. 

  • Another couple loved movies and swing dancing.  They requested music from soundtracks and after the meal, they performed a full production song & dance routine of "Hakuna Matata" (The Lion King) for their guests.

So, you see that a video of any one of these events could likely be totally unlike your vision of what you want on your special day.  The alternative, a video collection of the more common events at functions (e.g. Cutting The Cake, Bride Dancing With Her Father, Line dances etc.) would not clearly differentiate us from the myriad of DJs available today.





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