Dan "The Music Man" is famous for tasteful and fun games that always "break the ice" and get your guests in the perfect party mood! Check some of the potential games available for your function:


Let's Make A Deal

This is the classic version of the game based on the TV show. Dan acts as the TV show host and asks various guests for strange, unique and uncommon items that they may have in their possession. Winners are rewarded with fun, clean and exciting prizes. This has always been a fan favorite of guests.

The Newlywed Game

Another take on the classic TV version of the game. Dan will ask the bride and groom 3 questions each (independently before playing the game) and then during the reception, he will ask each one the other’s questions to see how well they match. As always, a prize is awarded to the bride and groom – even if they don’t match!

Balloon Walk Relay

Contestants are arranged in 2 sets of lines back-to-back. A balloon is placed between 2 contestants and they are challenged with walking a distance to the finish line without dropping or popping the balloon. Once at the finish line, they must pass the balloon to the next 2 people in line to continue the relay. The first team to complete the relay wins!

Big Squeeze

Easy game for a big group (at least 20, if not more). Two teams are quickly divided and an announcement is made that each team will be racing to squeeze into the shape of the item mentioned. For example, if the leaders yell out the word "football", the teams must squeeze into the shape of a football as would be seen from above. Keep score - first team to 10 wins. Some good squeeze shapes used in the past have been: California, a dog, a pair of sunglasses, a baseball bat, a shark, a map of the U.S.A.

Celebrity Guess

This is perfect for wedding receptions. Famous people’s names are written on sticky labels. One guest from each table gets slapped on the back with one name tag in an area where it cannot be seen by them. When instructed, the guest is to ask yes or no questions to the other people at their table in regards to who their "star" is. For example, "Is it a guy? Are they in the movies?, etc." Honesty plays a part here but the first person or persons to determine their "star" wins. It's a great mixer.

These are just some of the games available. Contact Dan for more information as to what other games are available for your function.




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