Our policies:

Thank you for asking us to play music for you. Won’t you take a moment to look over our policies as Professional Entertainers. They cannot cover every possibility, but they should help prevent misunderstandings.

This document is an attachment to and is incorporated by reference to the ENTERTAINMENT AGREEMENT. Read this document and the ENTERTAINMENT AGREEMENT carefully before signing the ENTERTAINMENT AGREEMENT.

  1. We carry a large selection of music, but if you have special requests, please call us at least 15 days in advance – if we don’t regularly carry the selection(s), we will need time to find them.

  2. We encourage everyone to make requests, but our policy is to NOT let people “look through” our music.

  3. Our Minimum Contract is 4 hours. If your function is shortened, we will only charge you from start time to stop time (in ½ hour increments), but no less than the minimum.

  4. Please verify, in advance, the hall’s management’s policy on what time the music must stop. For example, if you rent the hall until 12:00am, that may mean that everybody must be out by 12:00am. Therefore the music should stop 15 to 30 minutes earlier. PLEASE CHECK! Having to stop the music earlier than expected puts us in an embarrassing position, ruins the party atmosphere and leaves no one with a happy feeling. We use the “Bar Clock” for our stop time and generally try to stop 3 or 4 minutes early to accommodate the traditional “One More” request.

  5. We will be happy to play for most outdoor functions provided that:

    1. The equipment, music and we are protected all day from sun, birds, tree sap, etc. A roof, tent or canopy may be OK – a tree is not.

    2. The ground is level and solid. Grass, patio or asphalt is good – a porch may be OK (upon inspection) – sand, wet land or slope is not.

    3. We are not required to perform in the rain, on a wet surface or closer than 25 ft. to a pool, lake, river or pond (for safety reasons, of course)

    4. An alternate indoor location is available in the event of rain.

  6. If there are tables between the DJ and the dance floor, the music can be very loud directly in front of the speakers and offensive to people at these tables, but not loud enough for the dance floor. Please check the seating arrangement in advance. Last minute changes may be difficult.

  7. My assistant & I will dine before we arrive to play music, unless we receive an invitation in advance to join you.

  8. As professional entertainers, we solicit requests from the audience generally via request papers placed on each table.

  9. Our agreement specifies a location – any change of location requires our approval and a new agreement. Moving equipment and music in and out of second stories/floors, basements or halls with restricted/difficult access requires additional time and labor, for which there will be a charge.

  10. We do not play at facilities with:

    1. insufficient space

    2. unstable floors

    3. high-risk locale

    4. 3rd story/floor halls with no elevator access

    5. no fire escape or access, etc.

  11. Unless otherwise specified (in writing), the person who signs this agreement is responsible for payment of the amount(s) due on or before the date of performance. Any balance of payment(s) must be paid prior to the start of the performance. Please make arrangements for payment(s) to be made to accommodate this.

  12. In the event of illness, accident or similar circumstance beyond our control, we reserve the right to and will make a reasonable effort to substitute another DJ for ourselves. You will be notified as early as possible.

  13. This is a written, signed agreement. While a timely call is appreciated, Notice of Cancellation must also be in writing, signed by the person who signs the ENTERTAINMENT AGREEMENT, and sent by Certified Mail (to the mailing address on the ENTERTAINMENT AGREEMENT) on or before the date of performance.

  14. We offer no guarantees/warranties, implied or expressed, about our performance.

  15. Our liability is limited to the “total due” amount stated on the ENTERTAINMENT AGREEMENT, and in NO event shall we be liable for MORE than the amount paid to date.

  16. We are not responsible for any injuries due to accident, drunkenness of any guest, or any other circumstance beyond our control.

  17. Still photograph(s) and video(s) may be taken during your event and these photograph(s)/video(s) are the sole property of Dan "The Music Man" and may be used for promotional purposes. Purchasing copies of photograph(s)/video(s) after your event can be arranged if requested.

  18. Package prices are subject to surcharges based on type of facility, additional labor required, travel distance exceeding 40 miles round-trip and/or a significant rise in Average New England fuel costs between time of booking and actual date of event.

    1. Travel distance is defined as round-trip mileage from our home office* to the function location and back again. We will calculate round-trip mileage from our home office to your function**. Travel surcharge is priced at $.50/mile for each mile over 50.

    2. *Home office address:
      86 Ludlam Street
      Lowell, MA 01850
      ** Round-Trip travel distance is determined by using the LEAST of the “Total Miles” (multiplied by 2 = Total round-trip mileage) calculated by the following 3 mapping web sites starting from our home office to the street address of your function location:

      1. http://www.google.com/maps
      2. http://www.mapquest.com


    1. Deposit payment is non-refundable

    2. Deposit amount is equal to 30% of “total due” amount stated on the ENTERTAINMENT AGREEMENT

    3. Deposit is due at time of contract signing (or within 10 days if signed and returned via postal mail)

    4. If you cancel:

      1. Because of bad weather or a similar circumstance beyond your control, I will credit your deposit toward another function at a future date.


    1. Balance payments are non-refundable

    2. Balance of payment is due in installments according to the following schedule:

      1. 25% of balance due no later than 120 days prior to the function

      2. 25% of balance due no later than 90 days prior to the function

      3. 20% of balance due no later then 60 days prior to the function

    3. Acceptable form of payments for installment payments are:

      1. Cash

      2. Check (made out to “Daniel Bourret”)



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