Wedding Planning


This wedding guide is meant to serve as a resource to help you:

  • Plan your wedding reception
  • Understand what brides need to plan a reception
  • Receive the kind of service you can expect from us
  • Review helpful song suggestions for those special dances
  • Plan what events to consider at your reception

Wedding Planning

With Dan "The Music Man" as the Master of Ceremonies for your wedding reception, you can rest assured that you and your guests will walk away with fond memories of your special day.

From the introduction of the wedding party to the toast by the best man to dancing the night away, Dan "The Music Man" will make sure that you and your guests are completely satisfied. The professionalism and experience that we bring will help ensure a smooth and wonderful reception.

Use this wedding guide for ideas, suggestions and traditions that will help make your Wedding day as fun and enjoyable as possible.


As you know, certain songs have very special meaning to each and every one of us, and picking just the right song can really set the mood for your reception. Sometimes finding that "perfect" selection can be a difficult process; however, with my list of suggestions, that process can be a little easier. Look through the lists below and simply ask if you would like to hear any of them.

First Dance  Father/Daughter  Mother/Son  Wedding Party


  • It's the extras that really matter:

  • Visit our wedding planning page for all the information you need, including "16 Things A Bride Needs To Know",  to plan the reception of a lifetime - the way you want!!

  • For a list of interactive games, click here and see just how much fun you could be having!

  • Not sure what songs to pick, need some help getting started?  Just click here for a list of the "Top 200 Most Requested" songs.  You can check off the songs you like and then print out the page!

  • Check our client testimonials to hear what people are saying about us!

  • Check out our FAQs for some of the more common issues people face.




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